KIND stands for Kids In Need Developmentally. It is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit educational organization assisting parents, teachers and professionals to help developmentally delayed and learning disabled children.

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Mission Statement

KIND's Mission is to assist developmentally delayed, learning disabled children and their families by focusing on intervention of learning disabilities through education. Therefore enabling these children to reach their full potential and become self-sufficient adults.


The KIND Foundation's goal is to give learning disabled children the opportunity to become successful adults and reach their full potential.

Can We Help You?

We offer educational services to children who have an average to above average IQ with learning disabilities.


Supporting Kids and their Families since 1987

With a very heavy heart, it saddens me to announce that the educational center that is part of KIND, CAL’s Place, closed on August 31, 2013. KIND’s Board of Directors made the decision after considering several different factors. The Foundation is no longer located at 4880 Donald Ross Road in Palm Beach Gardens.

Since CAL’s Place inception in 2004, over 100 children with dyslexia or reading issues have received the right kind of help that they did not find at their schools or elsewhere in the community. What has changed is a trend where many of the schools are providing the necessary help during or after school hours, which makes it easier for working parents.  Also, there are many more private tutors providing appropriate services that were not available in the past.  This includes a former KIND instructor who took four students to tutor on her own without our permission last October. The result is that the center has been struggling financially due to a lack of a sufficient amount of students.

I am extremely proud of CAL’s Place accomplishments. I cherish the contributions of our donors, the work of our volunteers, instructors and executive staff that ensured CAL’s Place success over the past nine years.  Even though the center is closing, The KIND Foundation will continue on with the same goal of helping kids with learning disabilities. My plan is to to develop a revised business plan, probably similar to our operations before 2004, where KIND provided referrals for students, parents, teachers and professionals within the community.  KIND will retain its non-profit status so that if students needed help financially, there is an avenue for support.   


Timothy P. Sheridan, KIND Foundation Executive Director


KIND's History

In 1987, the challenges of dealing with a young student with learning disabilities many times went unaddressed in schools and even at home. Teachers and parents did not know how to deal with their son or daughter who learns differently. Barbara and Paul Sheridan realized these challenges. They founded the KIND Foundation that year in San Diego to address these challenges facing educators, students and parents by informing them about how to deal with these children who learn differently. KIND did this by focusing on pediatric neurological research.

In 1992, the Foundation moved to Palm Beach County, Florida. Unfortunately at that time, there was a lack of support and resources for parents of children with learning disabilities in the county. KIND decided to establish a resource center for parents to help them with finding educational programs for their developmentally delayed and learning disabled children.

The Foundation continued on this course until 2004 when CAL’s Place was started. CAL stands for Children Are Learning. It was a non-profit learning center apart of KIND that focuses on providing children especially dyslexics with the specialized reading instruction they need in order to learn to read. Once they learn to read, they have a much better chance to succeed in school and in life. 

KIND continues to provide a resource center filled with books and videos to better help parents and siblings understand why they struggle and how to help. The Foundation also has parent support groups, seminars and information sessions to help caretakers address the needs of learning disabled children.

Here are the different learning disabilities KIND helps with:

  • Dyslexia
  • High-Functioning Autism 
  • Attention deficit disorder